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We are always ready to welcome members to our ranks. We're a small club with a big show, which we've been holding for over 100 years. 

The SJKC is a wonderful group. We offer ideas, and they are discussed, and we come to a general agreement. Meetings are run efficiently, and kindly. The volunteers love dogs, and just about everything to do with them from sports like obedience and barn hunt to conformation and grooming, and in working endeavors like law enforcement and service work. We make regular donations to several charity agencies, and often to support police K9 units. We support junior handlers, and owner handlers, and offer medical clinics when we can at the shows.


We do things together too, like going to food festivals, or the County Fair.


We have a monthly newsletter and we welcome articles from members, whether they contribute their own information or forward articles. 

President  Ed  Odron
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