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The membership process is to attend 6 meetings, and work 2 days a year volunteering for the club. Usually, that means helping set-up, or run, or take-down the dog show. Occasionally, there are a few other opportunities such as helping to present a dog themed talk to a library group, or a booth at an event. During the process you fill out a simple application, which has a requirement to be "published" to the membership, and then you get voted in or not. The membership fees are less than $10 per person per year. We provide you with club polo shirts, and name tag. We meet monthly at the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds, in Lodi. 


Everyone has a voice at the General Membership meetings. They're held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. There are a few meetings that follow a different format, in that one is a BBQ/picnic, another is a club sponsored dinner for the membership. There is usually a very short presentation by one of the education chairs, or a presentation from a guest. We take turns bringing goodies and coffee. 

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